Bonus Media Portfolio: Our sites & products

We made this:
Our brands and websites.

The Brand

Our long-term goal is to build into a leading brand in the UK.

We want to help people choose the right technology at the right price, adding value for both consumers and clients, and driving down costs. We’ve got lots of exciting plans, though most of them are under wraps for now – watch this space! logo

Right now, we’re focused on becoming experts in the sectors we want to cover. To that end, we’re building a number of niche comparison sites as part of the network:

Bonus Media's flagship broadband comparison site

Our current flagship project is When we acquired the site in 2016 it had been largely abandoned, with little content or traffic. Since then we have developed it into a highly successful business in its own right, serving over a million unique users.

We’ve built a comprehensive database of options, offering more deals than any other site, which we update on a daily basis. While we use technology to make things easier, every deal is checked by a human being at least once every 7 days to ensure accuracy.

We received Ofcom accreditation in 2018 following an extensive audit, which was a great validation of the work so far and really helpful in building user trust.

Since then we’ve added, offering tariff comparison on sim only mobile contracts.

This is a big growth market as users keep their smartphones for longer and move away from the traditional way of buying handsets bundled with contracts.

We’ve got plenty of other comparison sites in planning and development, including:,, and

SimOnlyDeals is Bonus Media's comparison site for SIM-only mobile contracts

Software and services

Our ‘SaaS’ sites exist to aggregate and compare online services. The first of these was, launched to meet the growing demand for Virtual Private Network services that help users ensure security, privacy and access. is Bonus Media's VPN comparison tool is an antivirus and internet security comparison tool allows users to compare cloud backup services

We added and to cover two of the most popular sectors in consumer software: security and cloud data storage.

Legacy Projects

We maintain a number of older legacy sites, such as and These are projects that still have traffic and revenue but are no longer part of our core focus.

Domain Portfolio

We are full members of Nominet, the official UK domain registry – our registrar tag is BONUSMEDIA.

We hold hundreds of premium, generic domain names for potential future development, such as:


We no longer actively trade domain names or provide any domain-related services. We do not buy domains that are similar to our own, or indeed anything except the very best names in their categories. Serious enquiries from end-users are welcome.