Re-accredited by Ofcom Broadband comparison site screenshot

We’re delighted to announce that has been accredited by Ofcom for the second time. Ofcom has conducted rigorous audits, both qualitative and quantitative, to ensure the information we provide is accurate, impartial and clear.

Lindsey Fussell, director of Ofcom’s Consumer and External Relations, said: “Price comparison services play a crucial role. They help consumers to make informed choices by providing clear information on services and costs.”

“Ofcom’s accreditation scheme means consumers can be confident that the information they are receiving from these price comparison services is thorough and accurate.”

The site, now 3 years old, was first accredited in 2018. We look for continuous improvements to ensure we’re always getting better at serving our users.

Ben Tibbits, director of Bonus Media Ltd, said: “We’re in a highly competitive market, so it’s crucial that consumers know they can trust us to provide impartial price comparison, accurate information and honest advice – we’re here to help them find the best deals.”