Bonus Media is going green

Recently we’ve been thinking long and hard about the kind of company we want to be. From the beginning our goal has been to make life easier for UK consumers, and of course the main way we can do that is by continuing to build stress-reducing tools and content.

That said, we want to do more. As a team we all agree that the single greatest threat to the wellbeing not just of our users, but of people worldwide, is the looming climate catastrophe.

We’ve decided to make a real commitment to reduce the harm however we can. Going forward, we’ll be offsetting all of our business-related carbon emissions, through schemes including tree-planting, renewable energy investment and providing eco-friendly cooking stoves in developing countries.

We’ve just offset 25 tonnes of emissions for the year 2018, and we’ll be doing the same or more for each year in the future.

Bonus Media Ltd Offsets 25 Tonnes Carbon 2019

We know our users care about the world as much as we do, so we also want to find ways of getting them involved. We’re still working on the details, but in the near future, we plan to make sure that every single deal we sell creates an environmental pay-off – whether that be through a financial pledge or more direct action.