About Bonus Media Ltd

The story so far…
and where we’re headed.

What we do

We design and build web applications geared towards a simple goal: to empower consumers with the knowledge to make confident buying decisions. We concentrate our efforts on three areas – Comparison, Content and Tools – and we’re always focused on building the best possible experience for our users.


We build comprehensive product databases from the ground up, giving users in-depth, up-to-the-minute information on the latest deals in a range of markets.


We produce consumer journalism and jargon-free technical guides that inform, educate and persuade. From industry news to product features, we promote informed decision making.


From price calculators to availability checkers to transaction tracking, we aim to stay on the bleeding edge of technology to create utilities for both consumer and business.

How we do it

We’re all about relationships. We work closely with our clients to enhance their proposition for our users. We believe that brand loyalty has to be earned, and we work to secure the best deal for everyone who uses one of our sites.

We’re a small team, and we see that as a strength. Our development strategy is all about agility – we know our products inside and out and we’re not afraid to break things and rebuild them better.


We operate a microservices architecture. We choose the right tool for each job.

The Team

Ben Tibbits Managing Director of Bonus Media

Ben : Management

Sean Taft Account Manager at Bonus Media

Sean : Data

Clare Tibbits Accounts Officer at Bonus Media

Clare : Accounts

Jake Tibbits Lead Developer at Bonus Media

Jake : Lead Dev

Ruslan : Full Stack

How we make money

Our business model is known as performance or affiliate marketing. Most of the deals we cover include affiliate links. We track clicks, leads, orders and sales that come from these links and we typically receive a small commission when orders are completed. We also accept paid advertising placements such as banner ads, which are always clearly labelled.

Profit with purpose

Carbon Footprint

We recognise the unprecedented threat posed by the climate crisis. We’re passionate and committed to doing what we can to help build a sustainable future. We’ve started by offsetting all our business related carbon emissions. Through CarbonFootprint.com, we’re providing eco-friendly stoves and appliances in developing communities.

We are proud to directly support the work of the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. SCI is widely recognised as providing some of the highest-impact relief work, improving quality of life and helping children and young people all over the world to reach their full potential.

Our ambition is to build a responsible business model by linking our contributions to our success. We’re developing ways to make sure every deal we do has a positive impact.